On the inter-species war.

Animal suffering has no right to be an airtight part of our world. It echoes the images of the injustice happening there, so that no animal with its tragedy is forgotten.

Only the man is to blame.

No suffering, inflicted on a living being within a particular system, is acceptable.

Birth is the beginning of painful exploitation.

Man-made artificial breed of chicken. Short intensive fattening for a quick buck.

photographer with animal

My work is a global documentary about animal suffering. 

My work involves constant dilemmas and having to make difficult choices. I am unable to save the thousands of animals that are the subjects of my photographs. In the case of Kevin Carter, there was one vulture and one victim. In my work there are thousands of such vultures, millions of victims, and I come face to face with it every time. Is it unethical to face it, is it unethical to face the system behind it? If I stop doing what I am doing, the victims will not disappear and the suffering, exploitation and killing will continue. I am just a small element that shows what unspeakable social consent exists.

Pig factory farming


Raising animals for fur


The use of cows in the dairy industry


Broiler factory farm


Pig slaughterhouse


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