Andrew Skowron with animal

The sight of another suffering.

My work is not artistic images for us to savour. It is a brutal truth that is meant to educate, to make us draw appropriate conclusions, a narrative that is meant to show the world in a one-to-one ratio. There is no manipulation or creation in it. The individual suffering of the animals portrayed becomes the perspective through which we can see what is not (or rather – should not be), morally acceptable. Even if the law enables certain actions, this does not mean that these actions are ethical.

The results of the undercover investigations I carry out become tools for campaign work for many organizations around the world. They thematically cover every conceivable form of animal exploitation. From range from the fashion industry to food production entertainment and the pharmaceutical industry. The public has the right to make choices that are not created by false advertisements that distort reality. Acceptance of animal suffering cannot be justified through a lack of knowledge.

I cooperate with everyone for whom the fight for animal rights is not indifferent. Photo and video material is available free of charge from Flickr or the We Animals archive. I reserve the right not to grant permission to use the archive to anyone who knowingly wants to use it against pro-animal activists or to advertise industries that use animals.

Flickr will be constantly updated with new and archival material.


Animal Liberation.

Raising rabbits for meat in a cage system


Pig slaughterhouse in Thailand



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