In Europe, about 80,000 chinchillas are farmed for fur every year. To make just one fur coat, 150-200 chinchillas are killed. In nature, they live up to 20 years, but on farms, they are killed after only 8 months.

Chinchillas’ natural behavior is to jump and run. On fur farms, the animals are kept in tiny cages, which makes it impossible for them to express themselves. They are also pretty fearful, given that in nature they are prey animals.

In the process of reproduction, small collars are used for females to stop them from running away from males.

These chinchillas got a second chance from life. They were rescued from a very irresponsible person, who saw nothing but a profit in them. They still must be kept in the cages they were in on the fur farm because there are so many of them, but the process of adoption has started and more and more of them go to a new home every week. They are taken care of on a daily basis by an amazing group of volunteers.

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