The Odessa Dolphinarium was opened in 2005, it is part of the “Nemo” network, over time several of them were closed under pressure from animal rights organizations. The Odessa facility is located on the beach a few meters from the Black Sea. It is inhabited by several dolphins, a sea lion, and sea eagle seals. Every day they perform several shows for the public in a small pool. Their contact with the sea is limited to zero. In the wild, dolphins travel up to 160 km per day. They dive to depths of 200 meters. No dolphinarium is able to provide them with such an opportunity. Not to mention the mobile dolphinariums and the containers in which the dolphins are transported. The bottom of the dolphinariums does not resemble the texture of the sea bed, and the frozen fish that the dolphins are fed do not resemble live fish in any way. In addition, the sonar waves with which the dolphins navigate bounce off the flat walls of the dolphinarium, causing the dolphins pain and as a result, they hardly communicate.
In the wild, the bottlenose dolphin lives up to 25-30 years, in captivity an average of 3-5 years.


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