Open rescue-it is our responsibility.

We have the right to act illegally when the law allows animals to suffer.

We have a human duty to rescue suffering animals from a system where the law allows them to inflict mental and physical pain.

Open rescue is about rescuing suffering animals from farms, providing them with veterinary treatment and care, documenting their living conditions and ultimately making the rescue and documentation publicly known.

Activists acting in civil disobedience usually publish their full identities. Reveal the truth about suffering farm animals. Rescued animals become ambassadors and ambassadors for the billions of animals locked up on factory farms. Open rescues are non-violent towards humans and other animals.

A group of activists conducted an investigation at a fur farm in Poland. During their documentation, they discovered a young mink with numerous bite wounds, and its condition was in critical condition. Touched by the plight of this little mink, the activists made the choice to fight for its life and named it Kiwi. They promptly transported the surviving mink to a veterinary clinic, where it received expert care. Subsequent treatment revealed that without this timely intervention, Kiwi would have succumbed to its injuries just a few days later on the farm.

Kiwi recovered and was given a new unusual home. The two-month-old mink has taken up to the ‘Szopowisko’ asylum in Poland with dozens of rescued raccoons.
Kiwi is now full of energy, where she is bathing, running and searching for treats with the other animals. Sadly, her sisters on the farms are still dying gassed in mobile gas chambers in the name of human snobbery.