1. All photos on www.andrewskowron.org website are a documentation of the lives of farm animals. They are available free of charge for people, organisations and media worldwide and their purpose it to help animals. To use the photos you need to enter the PHOTOS section and find the gallery you need or use the search bar, and send an information using the contact from on the website. In the message please explain where the pictures will be used and if they are going to be used by an organisation, media or a private person. Big files can be shared individually based on particular needs.
  2. The author doesn’t take responsibility for any privacy violations or other legal issues, which may follow the usage of the photos.
  3. Under no circumstances can any photo be used in projects which could harm animals’ interests in any way (promoting exploitation or suffering of the animals); they can be used only for purposes agreed upon.
  4. All photos are protected by copyright laws Andrew Skowron / Open Cages. I will appreciate if you give me the credits as the author or put a link to my website when using my photos. It is possible to discuss particular projects individually.
  5. I will appreciate every donation – they help me to continue my work and invest in better equipment, transportation and investigations.