Factory farm for pigs

The suffering of pigs on farms is invisible. Learn the truth about their lives hidden in industrial production halls.

Millions of pigs are slaughtered around the world every year. Their lives are made up of many elements of huge suffering.

Mother pigs spend most of their lives in metal cages where they cannot turn freely. They are repeatedly inseminated by artificial insiminations. Each of their births is about 12 piglets. Their maternal instincts are restricted by the metal bars of the pens.

The unnatural separation is a great deal of stress for her and her children. When a sow loses its productivity , it is treated as waste and destined for slaughter. The view of rubbish bins filled with piglet carcasses at the back of farms is standard.

Piglets are subjected to cruel treatments just days after birth. Male piglets are castrated without anesthesia, and their tails and teeth are often cut off as a preventive measure. Breeders claim that castration improves the quality and smell of the meat. Despite the farm conditions, piglets are eager to play with their companions.

Baby pigs are denied their subjectivity, assigned a number, and marked with a tattoo and ear tag. Intelligent pigs on farms endure severe welfare abuse from birth to slaughter. Pigs are intelligent and social animals who are debased by the meat industry.